Technology Takes Wings

Why do we always believe that aliens would be more technically advanced than us? Why have there been no movies made where aliens are shown powerless in front of humans? Our progress as far as technology is concerned has been pretty decent and with no other example to compare, we cannot really be sure that our progress has been quick but neither can we be unsure. This helps us confidently ideate and innovate and the pace has only picked up in the last few years.

With web and mobile applications running aplenty, it has been a pleasure living in an era where technology has advanced to a point where you can stay connected to a friend on the other side of the night all the time. With the introduction of iOS and Android along with other technologies like PHP and Python, the work being carried out in the field of technology has been wonderful. It wasn’t long back that a concept like GPS would have left people awestruck. Today, kids seem smarter than their parents and the elderly struggle to catch up. They say that the time was simpler before. I would beg to differ.

Balance Bikes
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You’d even find kids on their balance bikes multitasking with a tab in their hands. Upon asking, they’d tell you that they’re seeking help from an app as to how to get better. This mind boggling phenomenon which was non-existent a few years back is a result of technology taking wings and soaring high.

The core of technology lies in the ability of individuals to ideate and innovate in order to bring to the general public a web or mobile based product that helps them improve their life or make things simpler. E-commerce has been a hit all around the world and when you can get your favorite food delivered to your doorstep in a matter of a few clicks, you really cannot ask for more.

However, it needs to be understood that a lot of effort goes into making an application. Hours of coding and troubleshooting are a part and parcel of a programmer’s life and the good coders and designers would ensure that a web product rides high on user experience. The movies made in the late 20th century were themed around how a technologically blessed world would look like in 2050. It is the early 21st century right now and if you pick up one of those movies, you’d find it a very simple one with everything shown in that movie happening around you all the time. With technology getting better, there is a lot to gain and the future surely seems bright.