Helicopter Simulator Controls Give The Feel of Real Flying

147Both video game enthusiasts and people who love flying can get the feel of real flying by using realistic helicopter simulator controls in their flight simulators. The flight simulator is a computer program that emulates what it feels like to be handling the controls of a real helicopter. But this is no longer just a kind of computer game because this is also being used for training would-be pilots in various countries, including the US and the UK.

It’s Purpose

The purpose of this computer software is to let those who are undergoing helicopter flight training to familiarize themselves on the various controls of the aircraft and how to make maneuvers without exposing themselves to real danger. Thus, utilizing realistic helicopter simulator controls will not just prepare a person for the actual flight but it will also allow him or her to enjoy the experience.

Choosing Your Simulator

However, you will need to choose the proper helicopter simulator software and not just the appropriate helicopter simulator controls if you want your simulator training to be both enjoyable and an effective learning experience. To do this, you will need to make an online search of the available simulator software and determine the best for your particular situation by looking at the various reviews, comments in forums and the feedback of users. There are various websites that permit you to join without requiring you to pay a certain fee while others will ask you to come up with a sign up fee. It is up to you to decide whether the value provided is worth the money that you will be shelling out.

Helicopter Training School

For those who are planning to enroll in a helicopter training school or those who are already enrolled, it may be advisable to inquire from the helicopter flight schools what they would like to recommend. Some schools may even include simulator training in their programs. Therefore, some people may want to consider this when selecting the flight training school. With these programs, students can practice as long as they want until such time that they feel ready for actual flight. You can even continue your training at home by recreating the pitch motions with a mechanical inversion tableĀ or see saw.

Building You SkillsIMG_1Full

However, there is also the RC helicopter simulator, which is a different version of the original flight simulator programs. In this particular type of software, the helicopter simulator controls are not utilized to simulate the maneuvering of a real helicopter but that of a remote controlled (RC) helicopter. The flying of RC helicopters is a popular hobby but those who are neophytes usually discover that it is very difficult to master the controls of these miniature helicopters. Thus, this particular breed of simulators allow novices to familiarize themselves on how to handle the real RC helicopters without the risk of damaging these expensive toys. This is essential because getting used to the radio controls needs a lot of practice.

The hobbyist can practice flying, hovering and landing while using different kinds of helicopters. Of course, those who plan to fly the real thing can also learn a lot by using this kind of flight simulators.

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