Get A Credit Card Machine For Your Business

credit-card-processing-670x270If you are a retailer or wholesale merchant you should already have or if not, need to get a get a credit card machine for your business so that you can allow your customers the convenience of transacting using credit cards, debit cards, or other modes of electronic payment. You need to take stock of your business requirements as well as the methods of payment your clients use before you can purchase a credit card machine.

Look At The Various Types

Before you get a credit card machine for your business (whether it be a credit card machine for small business transactions or large ones), you need to know that there are various types of credit card terminals, which are mostly developed to allow card swiping and manual data input before transmitting the associated data to the database of a merchant service provider.

Compare Terminals

Compare credit card terminals prior to the selection of one for use in your transactions with credit-card carrying clientele, as these machines have different features, with processing of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and even personal checks among their uses. If you are a fledgling or start-up merchant, you may choose from a wide range of small business credit card terminals, such as those that operate with various technologies via different networks: cellular networks, the Internet, satellite networks, and standard lines for telephony systems to transmit and verify transaction data.

The Cost

If you opt to purchase a credit card machine for business, you can save on your business’ overhead by choosing to obtain a device from a range of cheap credit card terminals. Even the most reasonably priced credit card terminals can give you what your business needs, by quickly and easily facilitating transactions between your customers and you, the merchant. These machines can also work as standalones, or as part of a specialized verification system involving other hardware and downloaded software. There are so many factors to consider before you get a credit card machine for your business.Nurit_8400

How It Works

A merchant can take advantage of these aforementioned standalone verification devices if these can suffice for his or her transactional needs. However, even these devices may be upgraded by way of additional applications or software, and the integration into a system comprised of a card reader and other related devices. Some of these credit card machines may be hooked up to smartphones after downloading driver software, and even take the place of special hardware, such as credit card terminals that can process EBT, or electronic benefits transfer methods, work with “smart” chip-based cards, among other methods of payment. A small percentage of these machines process credit card sales differently, with the use of ARU, or automatic response unit methods, or even utilize the relatively old-school practice of sending credit card slips to the processing service by traditional mail.

When comparing credit card terminals before you get a credit card machine for your business, a good working knowledge of how the transaction works is recommended. One may also take note of the prevalent systems, networks, and technologies used by many merchants so as not to compromise compatibility with other terminals and their systems, before selecting a machine to use for your business’ credit card payments and other electronic transaction methods.

Don’t Carry Your Laptop, Roll It!

Are you Tech savvy? Do you have a laptop and take it with you everywhere you go? Are you still trying to make do with a traditional laptop case — carrying your unit around by hand? Have you ever thought what would happen to your computer if you dropped it? People who really depend on their laptop have made the switch to a rolling computer backpack —
Rolling Backpack
A major manufacturer and distributor of rolling computer backpacks is High Sierra. Let me describe one of their models to you: the High Sierra 20-Inch Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffel. The regular price of these rolling computer backpacks are from $51- $119.99. These rolling backpacks are available in three different color schemes: Black, Graphite/Titanium/Spring, and Vapor Blue/Alloy Blue/Spring.

Three Bags in One

This rolling computer backpack is actually three bags in one: you can use it as a wheeled upright, a duffel bag, or a standard backpack. It has a large main compartment with a front-load access area that expands an additional 2 inches when needed for extra capacity. It also has such features as a drop-bottom lower compartment, hold-down straps, two zippered mesh pockets, and corner-mounted, in-line skate-style wheels. I use it to carry my Halo rangefinder, from PointOptics, because it has a simple recessed telescopic handle with a very comfortable grip.

Meeting Airline Industry Size Requirements

Another model from High Sierra is their 21″ Wheeled Upright. Price range on these rolling computer backpacks is $132.95 — $240.00. You can purchase them in Black, Graphite/Titanium/Spring, and Vapor Blue/Alloy Blue/Spring. This item is more of a traditional wheeled carry-on bag, that gives over 2,000 cubic inches of room. These rolling computer backpacks also feature corner-mounted, in-line wheels and a recessed telescoping handle with a very comfortable grip. The large front pocket on these rolling computer backpacks are roomy enough to fit magazines and also comes with an organizer section that includes a cell phone pocket, pen slots, key fob and a general-purpose zippered pocket. This backpack also meets the current airline industry size requirements for carry-on luggage.

Another company that manufactures quality rolling backpacks is Solo. In particular, I recommend the Solo Business Case — Their Rolling Computer/Catalog Case. Normally priced around $250, you can often find this rolling computer backpack case on sale at a significant discount. This case features an interior section which is fully-lined, with a front compartment that zips down and has a 3-tier accordion fan file organizer. It also has a disk pocket, slots for your credit cards or business cards and pen/pencil loops. The removable padded computer pocket is capable of holding most laptop computers with up to a 16 inch screen. It is made of black ballistic nylon, and has a standard telescoping, locking handle with a very sturdy and comfortable carrying handle. The dimensions of this item are 15″ x 18.25″ x 11.75″ when empty. Solo alo rolling backpacks for kids.

Removable Briefcase

Finally, I would like to mention the McKlein Chicago 2 in 1 Black Detachable Wheeled Overnight with Removable Briefcase, model 83585. It is one of the most beautiful rolling computer backpack cases I have seen to date. This item is also a convertible product — you can use it as an overnighter bag or for storage of your laptop. The laptop briefcase itself is removable, and a large middle compartment will give you plenty of storage for all of your other essential paperwork. It also allows you to piggyback on the extended telescoping handles of other rolling cases and also includes a protective weatherproof cover.